Dr Malte von Seebach

Malte von Seebach’s specialism is in the fields of general and pharmaceutical chemistry. In addition to preparing validity and infringement opinions, he represents his clients in opposition, nullity and infringement proceedings.

Malte von Seebach studied chemistry at the University of Hanover as well as the University of Göttingen, and obtained his doctorate in the field of organic chemistry. After his postdoc year abroad at the School of Chemistry at the University of Leeds,he began his training as a European patent attorney in 2002 at a large patent attorney firm in Munich. In 2006, Malte von Seebach moved to another, larger patent attorney firm and began his training as a German patent attorney in the Hamburg office. He received his licences to practise as a European and German patent attorney in 2008 and 2013.

In January 2016, the Hamburg office was converted into a new company, the Hamm&Wittkopp Partnerschaftsgesellschaft. Malte von Seebach became a partner in this company in January 2017.

E-mail: seebach@hammwittkopp.de