Dr Sigrid von Krosigk

Sigrid von Krosigk’s specialism is in the fields of cosmetics (especially sun protection cosmetics) and pharmacy. In addition to preparing validity and infringement opinions, she represents her clients in opposition, nullity and infringement proceedings.

Sigrid von Krosigk studied chemistry at the University of Hamburg and the Sapienza University of Rome. She obtained her degree from the University of Hamburg in the field of technical and macromolecular chemistry. She worked at the German Electron Synchrotron (DESY) and obtained her doctorate with Prof. Zachmann at the University of Hamburg and Prof. Wilke at Ulm University with a thesis on the subject of X-ray scattering under grazing incidence of spin-coated polymers.

Sigrid von Krosigk joined a large German patent attorney firm in 1999, completed her training as a patent attorney in 2003 and was granted her licence as a representative before the European Patent Office. She has been working as a patent attorney at the newly founded law office of Hamm&Wittkopp Partnerschaftsgesellschaft since 2016.

E-mail: krosigk@hammwittkopp.de